Financial Year 2019-2020

Deltatech Gaming Private Limited

DCL Closure of Trading Window 31032020

DCL Update Under Regulation 30 of LODR 31032020

DCL Disclosure under Reg 30 Corrigendum ESARP 170320

Disclosure Under Reg 30 ESARP 17032020

DCL Disclosure Under Reg 30 Sikkim Casino 17032020

DCL Disclosure Under Regulation 30 16032020

DCL Declaration of Interim Dividend and Fixation of Record date 09032020

DCL Intimation for Second Interim Dividend 03.03.2020

Newspaper Publication of Results 31.12.2019

DCL Conference Call Intimation 14012020

Change in Record date for Interim Dividend

Outcome of Board Meeting 13.01.2020

Disclosure Under Regulation 30 09012020

Newspaper Notice of BM 13.01.2020

DCL Intimation of Board Meeting 13.01.2020

DCLTrading Window Closure 31.12.2019

DCL Regulation 23(9) Compliance 13.11.2019

Newspaper Results 30.09.2019

DCL Conference Call Intimation 14102019

Outcome of Board Meeting 14102019


Intimation of Board Meeting – 14.10.2019

Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 30092019

Disclosure under Regulation 30 23.09.2019

Disclosure under Regulation 30 of LODR 16.09.2019

DCL Voting Results AGM 2019

Proceedings of the 28th Annual General Meeting

DCL Newspaper Publication of Corrigendum to Notice of the 28th Annual General Meeting

DCL Conference Call Intimation 08072019

Outcome of Board Meeting 08072019

DCL Newspaper Notice of AGM 24072019

DCL Intimation of Board Meeting 08.07.2019

Notice of AGM 24072019

DCL Outcome of Board Meeting 15062019

Annual Compliance Secretarial Report 31.03.2019

Disclosure Under Regulation 7 of PIT Regulations 21052019

DCL Clarification on GST 13052019

DCL Regulation 23(9) Compliance 06.05.2019

Newspaper Publication of Audited Results 31.03.2019

Adoption of Code of Fair Disclosure for UPSI

Outcome of Board Meeting 08.04.2019

Newspaper Notice of BM 08.04.2019

Intimation of Board Meeting 08.04.2019